Jericho Union Free School District

Human Resources Board Schedule

VIII.3.2 Schedule G - Appointments of Instructional Substitute Teachers


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Category:Schedule GFunctions:GIAST




Angela Achtziger

Nursery–Gr. 6, Social Studies 7-12

Scott Armstrong


Nina Bennett

Nursery-Gr. 6

Christine Berg

Social Studies 7-12

Lonnie Bresnick

Physical Education, Speech, Guidance

Lois Caliolo

Nursery-Gr. 6

Joan Carter

Physical Education, Special Education, Health

Judith Cassandro-Green

Business, Pre K-12, Common Branches, Elementary Ed., Students w/ Disabilities

Michele Chautin

Nursery-Gr.6, Reading K-12

Gwendalyn Corley

Childhood Education 1-6

Christopher Corso

Physical Education

Lauren Darvas

Reading K-12, Elementary 1-6, French 7-12

Nicole DeLuca

Students w/ Disabilities B-6, Childhood Ed. 1-6, Early Childhood Ed. B-2

Charlotte Drogin

Health, Physical Education, Guidance

Danielle Fischer

Physical Education, Health

Cathy Fradelakis

Childhood Education

Rachel Geier


Laurie Goldstein

Kindergarten and Common Branches

Fern Grundleger

Elementary Education

Barbara Hammerman

Elementary Education K-6

Jennifer Hatz

Nursery-Gr. 6

Kathryn Joannon

Elementary Education K-6

Hayley Katz

Biology, General Science, Physics

Joan Kaufman-Greenspan

Elementary Ed. N-6, ESL 1-12

Gulnoor Khwaja

Elementary Education 1-6

Marci Kivo

Social Studies 7-12, Students w/ Disabilities 7-12, Social Studies 5-6 Ext.

Patricia Koppinger


Josephine Langone

French 6-12

Jennifer Licata

Nursery-Gr. 6

Tracy Listl

Elementary Education N-6, Reading

Barbara Maiolo

Early Childhood Ed. B-2, Childhood Ed. 1-6

Chris Mascola

Physical Education, Health

Aimee McNicholas

English 7-12

John McPartlin

English 7-12

Christina Meyer

Childhood Ed. 1-6, Special Ed. 1-6

Ellen Michaels

Elementary Ed. K-6

Myra Nudelman

English 7-12

Patrick O’Connor

English 7-12, Social Studies 7-12

Henry Opperman

Physical Education, Health

Joseph Paniccia

Math 7-12

Tori Pashkoff

Art K-12

Merryl Polen

Math 7-12

Jennelle Reilly

English 7-12

Melani Richman

Childhood Education 1-6

Amanda Signorelli

Art Pre-K-12

Seth Skolnick

Math 7-12

Adam Solomon

Childhood Education 1-6

Victoria Stecker

Social Studies 7-12

Victoria Strocchia

Childhood Education 1-6

Natalie White

English 7-12

Steve Willet


Adrianne Yaeger

Common Branches K-6

Jaclyn Zaccherio

Math 7-12, Physical Education

Jacqueline Ziegler

Social Studies 7-12


Meeting History

Jul 5, 2011 7:45 PM  Board of Education Regular Meeting
draft Draft
MOVER:Shawn Gladstone, Trustee
SECONDER:William Ferro, Board Vice President
AYES:Joseph Lorintz, Shawn Gladstone, Claire Hochheiser, William Ferro, Barbara Krieger